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Based Here, Best Here

Aledo BroadBand is proud to be Aledo's first and best affordable two-way, high-speed local Internet service. By using the latest in wireless technology, Aledo BroadBand is offering both DSL and "Fixed Wireless" connection speeds at prices comparable to DSL and Cable modem (neither of which are available everywhere in the East Parker County area). Fixed Wireless technology is NOT satellite. With residential service starting at $34.99* per month, it's both faster and cheaper than satellite! 

Use the following links to sign up today or to learn more about Aledo BroadBand:

*Additional networking features are available at additional costs. Broadband service for business starts at $49.99 per month.

You can reach us at:

Aledo BroadBand
PO Box 364
Aledo, TX 76008
Contact Us
817-441-8541 (9-5)


This section of the website is intended to pay tribute to those who have contributed to making Aledo BroadBand what it is today. Without these fine individuals, we'd all be surfing at 26k!

Aledo BroadBand would like to thank:

Marlon Schafer - Wireless Guru.
Recognized nationally as one of the pioneers in wireless ISPs, Marlon is an incredible wealth of knowledge for Aledo BroadBand's wireless operations. Marlon spends too much time in DC schmoozing with the FCC folks. Go Marlon!

Eje Gustafsson - Network Know-It-All.
Eje's expertise with network administration and wireless network engineering is a perfect match for Aledo BroadBand's present and future needs. We're still trying to figure out the limits of his knowledge of networks and routing.

Dr Ish Mudliar - Theologian.
(The Doctor didn't really contribute directly; we just like him a lot, so he's listed here.) If you've got a hot cup of coffee and a few minutes, shooting the breeze with The Doctor is good brain exercise. We've counted maybe three theological questions he couldn't answer with a verse from the Bible.

Tim Foster - Owner.
We keep him around only because he looks good in a suit and doesn't complain when we send him out to get our pizza and cokes. He owns the company (seriously! He really does! ;)

Jesus Christ - Savior
Without Him, we could do nothing and would have no real purpose in life. (John 15:1-5)

YOU!! - Last, but not least.
If it weren't for you, we wouldn't be here!



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Aledo BroadBand  PO Box 364  Aledo, TX   76008    817.441.8541