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Aledo BroadBand Coverage Area

By using the latest technology in wireless connectivity, Aledo BroadBand is able to offer high-speed Internet service to customers in the Aledo ISD. With some exceptions, this covers the entire Aledo City limits, the Anettas, Willow Park, most of Hudson Oaks, Fort Worth (between Benbrook and Aledo, along 1187 and Kelly Rd), and the south east portion of Weatherford. 

NOTE: The information on this page refers to Aledo BroadBand Wireless services. 
Aledo BroadBand DSL service is available all throughout North Texas. Click here to check for DSL availability on your phone line. 

The Aledo BroadBand coverage area is serviced by three towers and several secondary relay points. To be able to get service, you must have unobstructed line-of-sight to one of these towers or relay points. The general coverage area is depicted by the shaded area in the map below. If you're within the shaded area and can't see one of our primary towers, please contact us for details on our secondary relay points. If you live outside the shaded area and can see one of our towers, access is still available using high-gain equipment.

Aledo BroadBand's EXPANDED Coverage Area

Willow Park, Hudson Oaks and Weatherford 
added in February 2004

Aledo: The Aledo tower is located just north of the Bryant grain elevator, in downtown Aledo. This tower services Aledo, the Annettas, and Fort Worth (between Aledo and Benbrook). It is represented by the south-east circle in the coverage map below. Click here for specific instructions on locating the Aledo tower. 

Willow Park/Hudson Oaks: The Willow Park tower is located about 3 miles due north of I-20 and Ranch House road, on White Settlement road. This tower services all of Willow Park, most of Hudson Oaks and parts of Springtown. It is represented by the northern circle in the coverage map. Click here for specific instructions on locating the Willow Park tower.

Weatherford/Hudson Oaks/ Annettas: Our Annetta tower is located just west of FM5 on Old Airport Road, next to the Precinct 4 County Barn. It's coverage area is represented by the southwest circle of the coverage map.

These three zones represent the majority of the coverage area we serve with our wireless technology. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.



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