Aledo BroadBand Coverage Area


Aledo: The Aledo tower is located just north of the Bryant grain elevator, in downtown Aledo. This tower services Aledo, the Annettas, and Fort Worth (between Aledo and Benbrook). Its coverage area is represented by the southeast circle in the coverage map


Downtown Aledo

Aledo Tower Location: The 100-ft tower is located on the north border of the city limits of Aledo, approximately 1/2-mile north of the railroad tracks (1-1/2 miles south of I-20). If you can see the grain elevator or the Methodist church's steeple, then you should have no problem seeing the Aledo tower. In other words, as you're pulling out of the Diamond Shamrock gas station on 1187, look east and you'll see the tower straight ahead of you at the top of the hill. NOTE: Don't confuse it with Verizon's tower (about 1.5 miles west). The Aledo tower does NOT have any lights on it. The Verizon tower does have lights. 

If you can see downtown Aledo from your home (or from the roof of your home), and you're less than 8 miles from downtown Aledo, then you should be able to receive a signal from the Aledo broadcast tower.

Click here for coverage in the Willow Park/Hudson Oaks area.

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