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Surf Safely


The sad reality is that there are people in this world who would love to hack into your computer or force offensive and immoral material in front of your family. Some do it just for jollies, some do it to collect information about you, some do it to steal your information, some do it just so they can say they did it. Don't take filth, hacking and spying lying down. Protect yourself!

The items presented on this list are by no means an exhaustive list. They represent items that we use, our customers use, and items that we've heard good things about. If you're aware of an item you'd like to see listed here, please let us know. Additionally, some of the items listed on this page are free. The cost of the item is not necessarily related to the quality. We've seen excellent (sometimes superior) performance from some of the free items. Read more from PCMag.

NOTE: Aledo BroadBand does not support any of the following items.

A firewall is a piece of hardware or software that protects your computer by making sure that only legit data is allowed to come in or go out from your computer. 

Free  Commercial  Hardware 
Analog X Port Blocker
Sygate Personal Firewall
Tiny Personal Firewall
   BlackIce PC Protection
ClearICE Report Utility
McAfee Firewall
Norton Internet Security
   Checkpoint Sofaware

Some hackers like to cause trouble for your computer by writing special software that can wreak havoc on your computer or your network. The only way to guard against them is to install anti-virus software on your computer AND KEEP IT UPDATED. New viruses come out every week, so keep your anti-virus software updated on a regular basis! More information.

Free  Commercial  Online (scan without installing software on your computer)
Norton Anti-Virus
Panda Software
Trend Micro
   McAfee VirusScan Online
Norton Antivirus
Panda Active Scan
Trend Micro

Spyware is a term used to describe software that monitors your activities and "phones home" to report your activities without your knowledge. Spyware is currently legal, but that doesn't mean it's ethical. While spyware generally doesn't corrupt your computer's data, in can affect your computer's performance considerably. Here's an article from PC Magazine about the effects of spyware.

Free  Commercial 
AdAware SpySweeper
Spybot Search & Destroy

Content Filter
The Internet is full of everything that mankind has to offer - both treasure and trash. A content filter is a software program you install on your computer to block undesirable websites, spam, emails, pictures, etc. There's no such thing as a perfect content filter, but they can help make a difference. By installing these programs on your computer, you are in complete control of what (if anything) you block.

Free  Commercial  Reviews
K9 Web Protection Cyber Sitter PC Magazine
Net Nanny

NOTE: Aledo BroadBand does not support any of the above items. Each of these programs has been tested to work on our system. However, if you have any of these software programs and need support, please contact the respective software vendors.



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